strategize, stylize, harmonize, realize your brand
Developing good brand communication for marketing and advertising requires a certain creative acumen—a certain flair. True. But developing effective brand communication is, at its heart, solution-building: 
Understanding the needs of brand and customer for a truly targeted strategy; designing to that strategy for a campaign styled to really go the distance; making certain you've planned every communication channel properly for a fully harmonized brand message; and, finally, realizing your goals with a successful launch! 
As a Creative Director and creative-team manager I've enjoyed building strategic, successful, cross-channel marketing solutions for over 240 brands (a few of which can be seen here). 
And I designed Mad-Astra as a source for crazy serious creative help for your company or your company's creative team—a way to genuinely strategize, stylize, harmonize, and realize your brand. 
So now that your here, take a look at the work. Browse the case studies. Then if you'd like to add my services to your brand's success, just email me through the “Say Hello!” link, or call:
Thank you for stopping by. Your time and interest are very much appreciated and I hope to hear from you soon. Take care!
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