Case Study
The brief in brief: Design a service reminder campaign package that Honda dealers will want to purchase and that also appeals to their customers. (sort of a “two target-audiences” thing).
The strategy: Create an atypical — never before seen by Honda dealers — maintenance offer campaign that delivers on the energy dealers crave. And, of course, keep the Honda owner top-of-mind.
The solution: A contemporary, integrated, program that positions the Honda Service Reminder System to the dealers as a total-owner-lifecycle solution, and appeals to the quality lifestyle mindset of the Honda owner.
The tactic: A multi-channel, highly personalized set of deliverables (the Honda owner receives personalized messages all the way down to his or her car’s trim level) that the dealer can leverage in part or in full.
The result: A cool 98% dealer buy-in, and an effective campaign.​​​​​​​

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