Case Study
The brief in brief: Create a print campaign that appeals to young women — ages 13 to 16 — who want to be outwardly seen as adults, but inwardly just want to have fun, stay safe, and enjoy being their age.
The strategy: Connect with the PacSun teen on an emotional level while avoiding the “grunge-lifestyle” look then typical to the market.
The solution: Build a series of really fun advertisements, supported by in-store collateral, that feature a recurring but slowly evolving group of close friends kicking back and simply enjoying the California lifestyle.
The result: A three-year print series (inserted four times per year) that research showed had teenagers tearing out the ads and pinning them to their bedroom walls. On several occasions, inquiry into the campaign with the target audience prompted comments such as, “I loved the kids in the ads. They were just like my real friends!” The campaign contributed to PacSun’s highest period in sales. Sweet!

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